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Did you know that over 500 Million Tweets are sent every single day? (Omnicore Agency, 2019)

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Twitter is all about engagement. Every Twitter Marketer needs a finger firmly on the pulse on everything current and viral.

Twitter is super conversational and all about talking to people.

Too many brands make the mistake of pumping out generic one-way communications and wonder why people aren’t engaging with them.

Be engaging by asking questions to your followers. Encourage feedback. Be responsive.

Check out the sassy tweets below that earned huge, free exposure for the companies that were witty enough to pull them off:

Best times to post

Sprout Social, an eminent social media scheduling software provider, tried to answer this question.

They used data from over 25 000 of their customers for their research.

According to their research, the best times to post on Twitter were Wednesday at 9am, and Friday at 9am. They also found that Saturdays get the least engagement but the safest times were Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.

The overall trend indicates that mid morning during the week is a good time to post.  

The study goes on to explain the optimal posting times in great detail by platform and industry niche.

View the full study here 

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