Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You might ask us if we’re crazy for doing email marketing. And with all the unscrupulous spammers out there, it would be a good question.

But the answer is no. The truth is it’s crazy NOT to be doing email marketing.

Picture the following situation: someone lands on your website, they’re pretty interested but not entirely ready to pull the trigger.

So they leave.

They might have been 90% of the way there, but now they’ll probably never visit your website again.

If you had been able to capture their email address, you could have continued to woo them. You could have made the sale and even turned them into a long-term customer.

But now they’re gone for good.

Of course, you don’t want to be spammy. It will only hurt your own company.

You also don’t want to bother people who haven’t opted it (we all know how annoying that is)

Like content marketing, you should be providing content that’s cool and interesting to people. That way it’s not a bother.

Your Digital Marketing Company will also be able to assist you with coming up with creative ways to capture email addresses.

You can’t just tell someone to give you their information, you have to provide something in return.

To use the gardening company example again, you might want to offer a free e-book on gardening in return.

Or maybe a coupon code.

But once you have their details, you can be the top-of-mind company for that person for months and years to come.



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