That’s the question asked by legendary writer Philip K. Dick in his 1968 novel by the same title. It invites us to question the nature of artificial intelligence and synthetic reality. But this questioning drives people mad. Brilliant philosophers lock themselves away in dingy, candle-lit rooms and torment themselves. Hoping, wishing to understand. After many, many nights Baudrillard came closest.

Today we are on the cusp of complete synthesis into the digital. We escape our living rooms and offices through electronic devices that propel us into faraway places. We sojourn into digital spaces that are completely real in their brilliant unreality. More real than real. These realms are built of bricks of 1’s and 0’s. Constructed not with callused hands, but swift and skilful keystrokes by the master innovators of our time: Jobs, Wozniak, Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk & Bezos.

We use digital means to express our joy and suffering. All of humanity is here. Encapsulated. It contains the dreams of hopeful children, and the ambitions of those who set out to become its master. We live out our whole lives online. Some say the great frontier of our time isn’t the Wild West our Outer Space; its heroes aren’t Billy the Kid or Neil Armstrong. The great land beyond is digital.

With the world changing as much as it is, isn’t it time you partnered with a company that really gets it?


To produce great branding you need ideas. A ton of them. It has been said that every great concept is built on a mountain of bad ones. That’s why we start with no-holds-barred ideation, built on rock-solid strategy.




Next we select only the best ideas. The herd is thinned of concepts that don’t work and the good ones are fleshed-out. Now that the ideas with potential are identified and resolved, we pull the trigger.


Does this execution fulfil the creative brief, satisfying all outcomes? Does it resonate with the target audience? Does it pack a punch? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves at this stage. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we move back to step one — and repeat.



Teneal Wicksteed and Kiran Wicksteed met during a group project in 2013 while they were both pursuing their degrees at ad school. Teneal in Visual Communications and Kiran in Copywriting. They quickly learned that they made a potent creative partnership and opted to team-up more often than not. They discovered they shared a passion for things creative. Teneal was passionate about photography, Kiran writing, they both loved to paint.

During their career as students their chemistry as a team was recognised; they were finalists for several awards and won several others.

It didn’t take long for a romance to develop and today they are partners in business and in life. They started their first design company in 2014 under the name “K&T Creative” and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

They are constantly creating, discussing design and ideating.  They are inspired by nature and beauty. They have a deep appreciation for left-field ideas and creative concepts. As co-founders of Electric Sheep, they look forward to working on even more meaningful and powerful projects that make a difference for the people they work with.

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